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Freeze Mark Interpretation

Decoder. All wild horses/ burros are identified by a freezemark. I have noticed that this method of identification is quite ambiguous compared to what I believe could be a more useful methodology. There is too much room for mistaken identity, say if two horses happened to have the same markings on paper, but in reality … Continue reading Freeze Mark Interpretation

Standard Operating Procedure (Extended)

Short and sweet version. Foals should never be abandon or orphaned. This could easily be viewed as negligence. Yet, it happens far more than what could ever be validated. So why then? My best guess is pure laziness on the part of the contractors. I understand that after you have been doing a gather for … Continue reading Standard Operating Procedure (Extended)

Standard Operating Procedure

Because the BLM contracts out most of the site gather jobs, the safety of the animals is the responsibility of the contractors. Obviously the number one concern for the workers should be the welfare of the horses/burros. The Standard Operating Procedure provided by the BLM here is laid out/worded in such a way to ensure the … Continue reading Standard Operating Procedure

“Welfare” Cattle and Our Wild Equines (Part II)

Here is the link for the first part of this post, number 1-11 I think. This is part two. Twelfth is Jackson Mountains, Nevada HMA. This HMA is a roomy 276,634 acres of what I can imagine is breathtaking beauty. The AML here is 130-217. There is no grazing information available on this HMA, though I believe … Continue reading “Welfare” Cattle and Our Wild Equines (Part II)

“Welfare” Cattle and Our Wild Equines

As promised, here is the post about which HMA's are used for cow and sheep grazing at any given time during the year, if not all year. If you would like some extra info on this topic, I shall refer you here, as R T Fitch is very very knowledgeable about the ever changing status … Continue reading “Welfare” Cattle and Our Wild Equines

HMA’s and HA’s Update

First HMA post After a far too long hiatus, I have returned. Much has happened in both my world and the world of our beloved wild horses and burros. Now, I am not here to discuss the political state of our government, only to talk about issues regarding the BLM and their manner of treatment of our wild horses/burros. … Continue reading HMA’s and HA’s Update

National Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board Meeting Part II (of many)

For reference today, here is the document that I will be using again, starting at page 41. Right away, I'll just start with where I finished on my previous reading, which ended on the note that the Nevada BLM aims to adopt out only 110 wild mustangs this year. This is my biggest concern in … Continue reading National Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board Meeting Part II (of many)