University Research?

Today I had an idea to begin pleading the case of WH&B to each of the 28 veterinary colleges in this country. While I was conducting my research to find the contact information of deans, I came upon an article, which you can read here. In this link, you will be taken to a page of Ohio State University. As I read this article, I found that the BLM had given an $800,000 grant to the nameless College of Veterinary Medicine at OSU to collaborate jointly with an engineer from the school. The pair who ultimately will get to put their names on this thingy is a clinical associate professor Dr. Marco Coutinho da Silva, and Dr. John Lannutti, who is a professor of Materials Science and Engineering at the OSU College of Engineering.

While I know that research grant money is crucial to the existence of all of the vet schools in this country and probably around the world… really? Really? The BLM already has Oregon State University wrapped around their dirty little finger waiting to conduct their disgusting little contraceptive experiments. You can read about that little plan here. Yeah… I don’t know if Oregon State volunteered or if they were volun-told to do that little bid at money. I don’t even know if we’ll ever know. However, I would really like to find out, and just to cover my bases, I’m not here to bash any school, I know that OSU is one of the top five vet schools in the country, so they must be good for something. And if I had to guess, their engineering college is probably pretty good too. That said, that is probably why the BLM chose the Buckeyes to do this little experimental nugget, because it’s a good possibility that if they can’t do it, no one can.

Here is my question, regardless of whether it’s possible. Can it possibly be cost-effective to insert a little capsule into every single wild mare on the range? How much does the BLM already spend on one single round-up, one that is supposedly done only every three years… without the PZP? How much does it cost the Public to supply the BLM with PZP to dose one average size herd? Besides that, how much does one dose of PZP cost? Answer me these questions BLM. Then I might be a little kinder in my quest.

Thank ya’ll and have a wonderful day


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