SubCommittee Hearing on June 23, 2016

Regarding this pathetic hearing, which was on the subcommittee level, I am currently only 42 minutes through it. My head feels like it’s going to explode, despite  my honest attempts to control my blood pressure. I have a list, organized alphabetically by state and alphabetically by HMA (Herd Management Area). I also have a list that is organized in the same manner of HA’s (Herd Areas). While this committee began discussing an emergency gather of Cold Creek wild horses, I was searching this list for a Cold Creek HMA/HA. Did I find one? The answer is no!! No! I did not find a Cold Creek HMA in any of my research. Not in Nevada, not in any of the 10 states in which there are wild horses and burros roaming the ranges.

This brings up another pitiful BLM failure. If one were to go this webpage, which belongs to the BLM, they would find something very very strange. Purely for example, lets look at a map of Arizona, here. This is a map of the HMA’s in the state of Arizona. If you scroll down to the bottom, where there is some text, you will see that this map is from October… of 2005! Yet the document itself is dated January 16, 2006. All of these maps are over ten years old!!! Right at the beginning of Mr. Steve Ellis’ testimony, he makes it very clear that the BLM covers 177 HMA’s over a combined 27 million acres of land. I counted by hand all of the HMA’s that are shown on each of these maps, just the HMA’s not the HA’s. I found that there are 197 Herd Management Areas featured on these maps overall. There are 20 HMA’s that have disappeared in the last 10 years! Does the BLM not think that the Public is entitled to accurate information when information is provided? Clearly not! I don’t know about you all, but I think that we all deserve to know the truth. There is no Cold Creek HMA. If there is? Why was the location not disclosed during the hearing? Why is Congress falling into this trap? My head is swimming in unanswered questions. Too many questions to warrant giving away the power that the BLM has to state and local governments. Too many questions to warrant giving the BLM a green light on their horrifying experiments that they have already rounded up the horses for. Too many questions to get a decent nights sleep to be quite frank with you. It’s all too much right in this very moment.


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