Gathers (1)

I am choosing to title this post as Gathers (1) because I suspect that I will be writing on more than only this one gather in particular. Today is going to be about the deaths of four (4) horses during the six (6) day long Conger HMA gather.

Day 1:

In the BLM report, found here, there are records of the deaths, descriptions of the horses and the manner of death. On day one there was one total and acute death. This was a two-year old stud. Unfortunately there is not description of looks and from my other research, I have been unable to find any descriptors on this stud who lost his life. The cause of death was fatal impact with a metal panel while the stud was entering the trap site. He broke his neck. At least that is the consensus on the internet. One might say that if it happens once, accidents happen. However, this is not the case during this week long gather.

Day 2:

July 2nd. The BLM cites having eight (8) visitors watched on as 41 horses were gathered. Unfortunately another horse lost their life on this day too, a bay and white pinto mare, only 3-years old. She also broke her neck upon running into a panel on the way into a trap site. Okay, so two broken necks in two days. Some may say that this is perfectly normal, however I am going to venture a guess that these horses are being blinded by fear in a very real and literal way, so much so that they literally cannot see what is ahead of them. Wouldn’t we be the same way if we were being chased in such a manner?

Day 3:

July 3rd yields another death while under the watchful eyes of the public, four (4) members at that. Unfortunately, this death could have been highly preventable, in my opinion. This death was of an innocent sorrel colt. He had to be put down due to a fractured pallet sustained by a kick in the mouth. Had the BLM left this/these group(s) alone, this number would not be around to make them look bad. Though I simply cannot ignore the present vet for doing the ethical thing and ending this colts suffering.

Day 4:

July 4th. Our Nations birthday guys. Why did these guys even have to work that day? Like really? I thought that it was a Federal holiday! Yet Federal employees don’t get the day off. Shame on you Uncle Sam. But I suppose that you have bigger fish to fry than a few horses dontcha. Regardless, there were two (2) members of the public out to watch the BLM gather and those two witnessed yet a fourth death. A beautiful dun mare, 10-years of age, sustained a broken neck when she blindly ran into a panel and broke her neck, leaving behind two offspring, one yearling and one foal.

Four deaths out of 257 animals gathered. I suppose that those are decent numbers, so I’ll give the BLM that point. However I have a few questions.

Question 1: Why are the yearlings not also categorized as male or female?

Question 2: Why are the deaths not reported in the facilities and vet report (here)?

That is all for now, I will be looking into this holding facility, as this is the second one that I have found a record of and I shall now be scouring the internet for photos and other articles so that I can try to keep track. Thank you muchly for reading this bad boy all the way through and I hope that you enjoy your day 🙂 Thank you again!


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