Gathers (2)

Now that it is August, I am finally getting around to the Frisco-Conger Roundup that happened earlier in July, directly after the Conger round up, which I discuss in Gathers (1) (Just click, you can read all about the… just read it if you haven’t XD). You can find the initial report here and the facilities and vet report here. Truly there isn’t a whole lot that stands out other than this: Axtell Corrals barely exists. You can try it if you want. Type it into your Bing search bar. Here is what I got under images.13 photos that have something to do with the BLM and wild horses/burros. Type it into your Google search bar and you get this. It seems to be a much larger hit on photos, providing a much more accurate look at what Axtell Corrals actually is. Lets try Yahoo shall we. Here is what Yahoo shows us. 13 pictures, practically identical to what we found on Bing. I don’t much care about that fact but I do care that just like every other facility that the BLM uses to house gathered equines, there is very little photographic evidence of what this place actually looks like.

So, back to the gather, which is what this post is about anyways. Only once did whoever wrote the report tell us how many foals, mares, and studs were gathered each day, and that was on July 13, 2016. It is hard to say why, but if I had to speculate, it is simply spotty record-keeping and lack of initiative to be consistent. Guys, I don’t know exactly how much money I have spent this year, but I can go to the financial institution that I use and find it out very quickly and easily, very transparent. Why is this not being treated like that? The Public deserves honest and consistent records that are easily accessible. Of course we all know that the government is about as transparent as a brick on honesty and consistency, and heaven forbid that they show us honest records, which is pretty darn scary for people like me… But regardless, I believe that the Public deserves to know that the government is being real and honest with them. People complain about uneducated voters and this and that and how people don’t understand what they are voting for but you know why? You ought to! You simply cannot trust the government or anyone/anything affiliated with the government to be honest with you in the documentation of… anything really. Which is why this is such a big problem why one has to do deep research on the BLM. It’s hard to find, and its hard to get your paws on. The BLM keeps everything in a deep dark hole, and the BLM directors who couldn’t handle that darkness have resigned. I suspect that Steve Ellis, discussed in SubCommittee Hearing on June 23, 2016, will not be lasting a whole lot longer if the current experiment debate gets a whole lot hotter. And for horse people, this is a Hades Kitchen hot topic. Just sayin’. … Rabbit trail a bit.

Axtell Corrals does not have a website that appeared upon any search, and in case you’re curious, the Broken Arrow, Fallon, NV facility that I discussed in my last post still isn’t working and upon checking it today only has two animals on the page. I find this highly interesting, because, in December of 2015, the BLM supposedly opened this facility, Axtell Corrals, to the public for a day-long tour. I mean, I cannot imagine it being too much of a challenge to find, but I suppose that that is beside the point. Here is my question. Why aren’t all of the holding facilities used by the BLM for wild horses and burros open to the public all of the time? The BLM says that adoptions are at an all-time low, so why on this good Earth can’t the facilities always be open for adoptions and viewings by the Public? If you ask me, that is how you wash up dirty hands. Have eyes on them and they will stop messin’ around. That is my speech for the day, I hope that you have gained something from it, as I am always enlightened with new material when I am writing these out for you guys. Have a fabulous day and if you have any questions, comments, concerns, just send me those 🙂 Have a blessed life.


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