Facilities (2)

Every week since I finished my horse “inventory” I try to go back through the horses and make sure that all of the records are still present and correct to my knowledge as well as check for new records. Well this week I came across something quite interesting… two (2) significant changes on the facility adoptions page, here. As you will notice, there is now a Ewing, Ill. facility and a Sale Eligible-Burns, OR. page. Not sure what that is about, because you have probably noticed that if you click on the normal Sale Eligible page, you get this.

I would also like to note… that earlier, there was a page for Northern Nevada Correctional Center, Carson City, NV. It was there, very real. I had all thirty one (31) horses written down, all 31 were mares and all were from Nevada.

Ewing, Ill.

Both of these horses are relatively young, but what was most shocking to me was that the cremello gelding, a horse of good age, height, health… had been offered up for adoption three times and yet is unadopted. It saddens me that such a beautiful animal could waste away in such a trashy place as a holding facility. The filly could be understandable, as she does have a disability, with a clubfoot, though she is very young and an experienced trainer could give her a good, quality life.

Burns, OR-Sale Eligible

This page certainly intrigues me, as there are seven (7) perfectly healthy horses, who are available for sale instead of just adoption. I won’t tell you how much it bothers me that you can choose when really there is zero initiative to adopt once there is another option. Regardless, 7 very beautiful creatures who are very deserving of a loving forever home.


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