HA’s, HMA’s, and the Bureau of Land Management

Something is most certainly amuck with the numbers that I keep running. the BLM has claimed time and time again that they are trying to keep up with 177 HMA’s. That being said, I am going to completely forget all of the research that I have done for a moment, to say that that is simply impossible. Just impossible.

Looking at the list that the BLM themselves has provided here. I counted… There are only 64 HMA’s provided (if I counted correctly). This taken into account that earlier last week there were about 338 (This number changed for me this week but it doesn’t change the point) wild horses, assuming that all of my information is accurate. These horses either came from an HMA or an HA, granted there are a few that don’t come from federal land.

Only 27 of the 64 HMA’s were home to mustangs/burros. With the BLM claiming that each HMA is grossly over-populated, it just doesn’t make sense that there are suddenly only 64, because with that, there would be a dramatic shift in the number of horses that could possibly be on the range. There are also 147 HA’s… only 34 of these HA’s were home to wild horses/burros. Now, I wanted to believe that the BLM just combined the number of HA’s and HMA’s together, but that is still not the case, because that would leave us with a total of 211 places to find horses/burros. Earlier last week I took into account that there were 39 horses that were born within the confines of a holding facility, having seen nothing except the interior of walls and panels and dirt. This also means that 299 horses came directly from the range.

Turning to my own research now, this means that something is terrible bad wrong. My research is only a few months old, and the number of HMA’s alone based on what I have is 198. This in itself is very bad. Very very bad. Because I know that my research is based on  10-year old data. How can so many HMA’s disappear in such a short time? 198 to 64? That is a lot of death, and that much doesn’t happen quietly. Not to mention that my research found around 313 HA’s in 2006. It’s 2016. How can we go from 313 HA’s to a mere 147? You don’t. It cannot happen. It only takes one person to point out the flaws of a system, to call out the people doing wrong and dare them to figure it out or else.

We will be finding out what the BLM plans to do to fix their problems other than to kill them. I’ll keep y’all in the loop, have a fabulous day in the mean time! Thank you.


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