BLM Wild Horse Buyer (Part II)

Hopefully, you have already read the unlabeled part one. If not, here it is.

I have asked myself many many questions about this case and what went wrong on the inside and this is one of those things. The BLM has “marketing specialists” that conduct telephone interviews, which is how they approve a buyer for a sale. If he or she is satisfied with the answers given during this interview, then the buyer is approved to buy horses/burros. However… none of the answers given to the specialist during the interview are verified nor validated by the BLM, otherwise they would not be able to give an immediate approval, which probably means that they could lose the sale… all about money my friends. The problem with this process is that when people like Tom Davis is interviewed, they swear up and down that they will not sell the horses to slaughter… or knowingly sell the horses to slaughter. In my opinion, if you (a buyer/adopter) wants to transfer ownership of a wild horse or burro to another party, that third party should have to go through the same mandatory process and the BLM should be made aware of the initial buyers desire to transfer ownership so that they may act accordingly. I know that this seems like a lot of hoops, but I do believe that it would shut down some of the loopholes that people have been abusing since day 1.

Now, all that said, later in the document mentioned in my initial Wild Horse Buyer post, the marketing specialist who approved all of Tom Davis’ applications to buy stated that she had no reason to doubt the information that he provided for the application… However, I would think that common sense would dictate that if someone was buying horses 35 at a time, you would think that something was going on and want to investigate… if you cared anything for your reputation that is. Also, the BLM did not stop sending Davis horses even after getting multiple tips stating that he was in fact sending horses and burros to slaughter… as they said that there was no evidence of wrongdoing to warrant further investigation or background checks. Even worse, supposedly every time the BLM got a tip or complaint, the marketing specialist would contact Davis to tell him, essentially, that people knew that he was up to something horrible… Why wouldn’t the BLM follow their own policy and make a surprise visit to Davis’ farm to check on the horses, or drop by and demand to see all of the hundreds of horses that he had bought off of the BLM… That would make sense to me but I guess not to the rest of the government.

What is even more interesting to me, is that in this document, a point is made to let everyone know that during the time that the marketing specialist was selling horses to Davis, the BLM OLE was investigating two men in Utah who had falsely stated that they would not resell their horses/burros from the BLM to slaughter… you know what happened? Those men were indicted and pleaded guilty. If you cannot plainly see the difference between the Utah BLM and the Colorado BLM.

And for those of you who are wondering, I have not yet gotten to listen to the board meeting that the BLM had with the Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board that went on this weekend, but I assure you that as soon as I do, I will give you my two cents on it.

Thank you very much for giving my post a read! I hope that you have a marvelous day :).


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