HMA’s and HA’s Update

First HMA post After a far too long hiatus, I have returned. Much has happened in both my world and the world of our beloved wild horses and burros. Now, I am not here to discuss the political state of our government, only to talk about issues regarding the BLM and their manner of treatment of our wild horses/burros.

If you would like to refer to my first round of research regarding HMA’s and HA’s, you may click the link that I provided at the very beginning of this post.

According to the BLM Internet Adoption site, there are supposedly 64 active HMA’s in the West that they are charged with overseeing and caring for, despite that the BLM continues to claim that they oversee the care of 177 HMA’s. Now, I have finally been able to do the research that I have been wanting to do on the HMA data. My research found 151 HMA’s, of many different sizes. As small as the 3,981 acre spread of the Granite Peak HMA in Nevada to as large as the Black Mountain, AZ, 1.1 million acre HMA or the 1,173,000 acres of the Salt Wells Creek, WY HMA’s. I shall update you in another post about which of these are being used for livestock grazing on another date.

While I was able to find the HMA’s with little to no trouble, the HA’s were quite another story. I was quite literally only able to find BLM-provided evidence for three (3) HA’s, all in AZ. This is quite obviously a large-scale problem, since this literally leaves thousands of wild horses/burros unaccounted for. Now, obviously I plan to find out what the deal is, and I will write a separate post for how it goes, though it will take some time to plan out properly and figure out the best way to make contact with the right people.

As I have said before, the BLM needs to be able to provide proper records for Public consumption. While many of us want to bury the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program, including me, I want to do it the right way. I want to bury them in their own issues and problems, such as the new turn for the Cliven Bundy Case, which you can read here and maybe get a bit of a chuckle out of it as I did. If we are patient, the BLM will do all of the digging for us, and all we’ll have to do is show up for the funeral with all of the proper documentation and dress.

I pray every day for a foot in the door so that I can feel like I am being heard, so that I can help in every way that I can. Until that happens, however, I shall continue on as I have been, gathering my research and fueling others to do the same for what they love. Thank you so much for reading this and I hope that you have a divine day 🙂


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