Hi! My name is Abigale George and I am a third year college student who has recently changed her direction. I have spent the majority of my life wanting absolutely nothing more than to go to veterinary college at Virginia Tech to become a large animal vet, specializing in equine alternative therapy. However, I will be the first to tell you that the college classes are not for the faint-of-heart, or the easily distressed. God (Yes, I am a Christian, so I may mention this every once in awhile on this blog) appears to want me somewhere other than in the vet world. When I began to contemplate this possibility, I discovered the plight of the wild horses (mustangs) and burros in the United States and became filled with a startling desire to do something to help these precious creatures. And so here we are today… as I have gathered research and literature on the matter of the lives of these equines, I found that I needed an outlet to spread knowledge and not go insane. So yes, this blog is going to be all about the wild horses and burros and occasionally about the wild ponies of the East. Thank you and enjoy!


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  1. Hello! Do you have a way of contacting you privately? Your work looks great and it is certainly something that is of high priority right now. Thank you kindly.

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